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When I was young and had just begun to be able to sense things around me, and became aware of so much information on all the different levels of empathy, the one thing that I was not aware of was the fact that others did not have the same awareness. I went through my days assuming that my friends and my family “saw” what I did, felt what I did, and therefore had the same information about those things. I assumed that we were all on the same page, so to speak, and time after time was caught up short that no one knew what I was talking about. I thought that my sister could see the hurt that people felt when she made her cruel comments to them. I thought that my brother knew that his sociopathic anger scared everyone around him. I don’t mean that I thought that they only realized the effect that their ways of being had on others, I mean that I thought they could feel the effects as I did.

I was caught by the same misunderstanding about honesty and integrity as I grew older. I thought that everyone acted out of a basic kindness and humane understanding of right and wrong. Again, I made the wrong assumption.

Betrayal, I think, is the hardest of injuries to receive, and the most difficult of recoveries.  I wonder if those who betray others realize on some level that they are cutting so deeply? That would take the basic not caring and move it in to some form of aggression, I suppose.

Just below that on the “scale” is just not caring about how what we do may affect another person (or animals, or all of Nature for that matter). 
Lack of basic human kindness still befuddles me.

I hope we all get better.  Soon.