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I feel how tired you are
how overcome with exhaustion
from the constant trying
the consistent formation of ideas
and ideals
not met by those around you.

I want you to know
that you were not wrong
not even in the trying
again and again
and then, yes,
one more time,
maybe two.

From this space,
this place,
ten years hence
I can comfort you
with the knowledge
that it has turned out
far better than you imagined it would.

You are better.
Where you are
physically and metaphorically
is better
and so much closer
to the place of “you”
that you have held
inside yourself
your whole life.

You greet each day,
a deep-hued watercolor
of the life that thrives
in the wild gardens and woods
that surround you.

You move through each day
by the expectations
others placed upon you
to serve their own needs.

You move
in your own rhythm
of selfness
open to the music of Nature
dancing in soft steps
that circle and spin
and move forward,
towards the deep parts
of the life growth
in the gardens,
and in you.