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First there was the open field
where the winds blew
and the grasses grew
and the sun shone brightly
casting its light over the hillsides.
Then, one by one,
the stones were placed
to protect
to separate
to make one part different than all the rest.
The stones were placed
and then more were placed,
the different sizes and shapes fitting together
to become one.
And though it looks thick,
and is sturdy,
and can withstand the winds
and the torrential rains,
in its cracks and crevices
there is life.
There is growth.
The mosses come
and the flowers take hold,
the seeds flourishing
in the moisture that has gathered there.
And sometimes, 
even a tree will take hold
root, and grow strong,
spreading its branches out
over the wall
giving protection and flourishing,
and making a place for more life to grow.