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For being so open and wide
it held me so closely that
I never felt separate from it.

Whether I walked in the water
feeling the pull of the waves
on my legs and feet,
or walked on the sand
and felt the give of it under me,
I never felt different from it.

The tidal pull
invited me to come
and flow with it
and I was part of the rhythmic water
dancing to and fro on the shoreline.

The sands,
wet and sturdy,
or dry and moving easily
as I walked,
supported me
held me
allowed me to move forward,
even in an unsteady stride,
as they gave way to my passing,
and I was part of the infinite world
in each grain of sand.

A young child
walking alone
along the open and empty beach.
I was part of the open sky above me
where my spirit soared with the gulls.