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Touch me
see me sprout
soft green out of rich black earth

Touch me
the wind softly caressing me as I grow
days, weeks, months
longer, longer

Touch me
release my fragrance
feel it touch you

Touch me,
pull me from the earth
knowing that I still remain
even as I come with you willingly

Touch me
as softly as my fragrance
that wafts in the air
feel me
as your fingers
twist, turn, braid, tie
and hang to dry

Be touched by me
share me
send me to distant places
so that others can touch me
and be touched by me
feel me
feel you

Be touched by me
and caressed by the wind
as you grow
young daughters
into older daughters
into mothers
who were once daughters
let the softness touch us all
as deeply as my roots into the earth

for Maggie