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change is really hard 
change is the only constant in the Universe
and yet we (collectively) avoid and even distrust its very nature 

we want surety
we want security
we want what we know
we want what we know to be true and solid 

and yet
what if
by the very security we so wholeheartedly desire
we cut ourselves off from the rhythms of change that will direct us
teach us
form us
into the state of perfection we seek 

can’t  it be that change makes us
unbalanced, aware, and observant
and that keeps us open
ready to acknowledge
and receive what we need to move forward

if we expect change
embrace change
can we not then be available
to hear the music to which we must dance
doesn’t this allow us to remain in step
in cadence
with the Divine Dance

if we listen
seek support
open to the allowing
our own special rhythm and music can play more loudly
more strongly
and we can dance the Dance
fully and completely