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She comes to see us often.
Quietly, softly, she walks—winding her way through the tallest of us, gingerly feeling her way over the craggy rocks and stepping carefully in rushing waters.  She is intent upon being with us and yet not disturbing us.  She wants us to know that she will not harm us.
We know how much she needs us.
She needs our soft rusting breezes, our playful songs—and our quiet safety.
We let her know that here—in the wildest of places—she is the safest.
We have agreed that no harm will come to her here.  No bug will bite her, flying one sting her, or snake frighten her.  She needs us, and we understand that.  It is our sacred duty to offer her solace; hold her in safety and in love.
We know that she comes here to see, and to feel the unseen.  And to find herself.
She will come to know her own true nature by recognizing ours. 
We know that having come to know us, she will never forget us.
She will forever come back to us—if not in the flesh, then in spirit–
in peace, love, and in gratitude as deep and full as the forest we are.

photo ©KateCowieRiley