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We will be working with the Phases for September-October, 2021; for an overview of the meditations, follow this link. These meditations can be repeated each month with a new focus each time. Each of these meditations can be done in your own time, but the rhythm of the meditations follows the phases of the Moon so it’s best to keep pace with the days at least, even if the precise moment of the Moon Phase is not convenient. Read through the written meditation and then allow the visualization to unfold for you as you are in a quiet and focused place. Let it take you as deep as you want/ need to go.  These words are only the beginning.

BALSAMIC PHASE/ WANING CRESENT     (Eighth in the Series)          

You are standing in your open garden space; the full horizon is in view around you.  As the sun sets and the light fades in the West, face the East and remember what you planted under the New Moon.  Honor yourself for your decision to move forward and to be present with yourself.

Turn to the South, and embrace your joy, and your love, and your abundance.

Turn again, this time to the West, and look within.  See how your inner knowing has blossomed and been brought forward the present.

Now, under the dark sky, (for the Balsamic Moon rose just after midnight, was visible in the morning and day sky, and set mid-afternoon) you face the North. 

Embrace your wisdom and the process of your growth.

The Balsamic Phase of the moon is the composting phase of the cycle.  This is the time to let go of what you have been working on, and turn it over to the Higher Self.  All actions during the previous phases need to be released and forgiven.  Take a moment to shift the energy, and be open to moving forward in the next cycle.  Clean your garden of all that is left of what you planted and turn it back in to the Earth to nourish it.  Allow the energy of what you planted and the work you have done in this Lunar Cycle to be returned to the Earth.

If you so choose, repeat the Phases of the Moon Meditations with each Dark Moon.

The next Dark Moon is on October 6, 2021, and you can find the phases of the moon times and dates online. One good source is Timeanddate.com.