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We will be working with the Phases for September-October, 2021; for an overview of the meditations, follow this link. These meditations can be repeated each month with a new focus each time. Each of these meditations can be done in your own time, but the rhythm of the meditations follows the phases of the Moon so it’s best to keep pace with the days at least, even if the precise moment of the Moon Phase is not convenient. Read through the written meditation and then allow the visualization to unfold for you as you are in a quiet and focused place. Let it take you as deep as you want/ need to go.  These words are only the beginning.


It is night, and you are in your garden with its full view of the horizon.  The sky is full of bright stars, and Venus stands brilliant in the Western sky.  The Disseminating Moon is overhead, having risen in the early evening. 

As you sit in introspection, you hold the fruit of your potential in your hand.  It is ripe and full.  You taste its sweetness filling your being as you begin to eat it, slowly, so as to enjoy every bit of the taste as it rolls across your tongue.

Take a moment to assess your inner balance and to make certain that you are centered and fully in your inner space.  The Disseminating Moon is the time to be open with others and to share your information and feelings, and this can only happen effectively from a truly centered and grounded awareness of the Self.

Take another piece of fruit and hold it out to someone with whom you would like to share it.  This is a part of you, it is what you have grown and nurtured and brought in to fruition.  Give it in peace, in joy, in abundance, and in delight.

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