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We will be working with the Phases for September-October, 2021; for an overview of the meditations, follow this link. These meditations can be repeated each month with a new focus each time. Each of these meditations can be done in your own time, but the rhythm of the meditations follows the phases of the Moon so it’s best to keep pace with the days at least, even if the precise moment of the Moon Phase is not convenient. Read through the written meditation and then allow the visualization to unfold for you as you are in a quiet and focused place. Let it take you as deep as you want/ need to go.  These words are only the beginning.


This is the time of the First Quarter Moon. Also called the Waxing Half Moon. 

The moon is just rising at noon, giving its energy to the active growth phase of your potential.  This is the time to separate from past actions and patterns that have not served you well.  Clear the energy of the things that have held you back from realizing and growing in to your full potential. 

Take yourself to your inner garden and stand in the noon-time sun, facing the East.  Acknowledge the new beginning that you have manifested.  As you turn to face the South, allow yourself to become centered and sit in front of the potential that you planted under the New Moon. See the tiny sprouts coming forth, the beginnings of the manifestation of your potential.

Feel the energy of the warm, noon-time sun radiating down upon you, warming your whole body.  The South is the direction of joy, of love, and of abundance.  It is the time of summer, when youth is set free to play.  This is the time to embrace and dance with our inner child, and to allow it to come out to play.  This time will show each of us where we need to abandon our linear thinking and allow the free-form fluidity of the water element to guide us to our emotional intelligence.  Take some of this water, filled with emotion and love and joy, and water the potential that you have planted.

As you stand, reach your arms to the sun and bring down the combined energies of the rising moon (water) and the sun (fire) in to your heart and into your soul.  Connect with your joy and your love and your abundance and learn to recognize it in your everyday life. It comes forth from the ground now, and stands tall in the fullness of its growth.

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