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We will be working with the Phases for September-October, 2021; for an overview of the meditations, follow this link. These meditations can be repeated each month with a new focus each time. Each of these meditations can be done in your own time, but the rhythm of the meditations follows the phases of the Moon so it’s best to keep pace with the days at least, even if the precise moment of the Moon Phase is not convenient. Read through the written meditation and then allow the visualization to unfold for you as you are in a quiet and focused place. Let it take you as deep as you want/ need to go.  These words are only the beginning.

Dark Moon (First in the Series)

As you begin the meditation, get yourself into a comfortable position…focus on your breathing…let your thoughts dissolve and become fully present in the moment.

See yourself standing in an open place where you have full view of the entire horizon.  The sky is very dark, for this is the time of the Dark Moon, and the shielded moon has set with the sun. 

Looking up, you see the stars begin to appear in the night sky, and soon the Milky Way is in full view.  Its path lights up the sky.  Begin to feel your connection to the Universe, and all it holds for you. 

Lights begin to move, looking like stars falling towards you.  As they become closer, they encircle you and land in your outstretched hand. You can see that they are tiny seeds.  They glow with their potential.  These are the seeds for you to plant under the New Moon.

Hold them in your hand as you meditate and let the energy of what you want to focus upon for this Moon Phase cycle fill them. When you are finished with the meditation, put your hand to your heart and let the seeds be stored there.

This is the time for new beginnings and settings your intentions that will come to fruition at a later time.  This is the time to embrace change and to do ceremony to bring forth what you need. 

Next….Waxing Crescent, September 9th

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