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Over the next month, through the phases of the Lunar Cycle, we will spend time honoring ourselves and the connections that we have with the Moon. A note here that these meditations will follow the classical mystic Lunar Cycle which calls first phase of the Moon the “Dark Moon”, not the astrological one which refers to this phase as the “New Moon”.  The reason for this is that the Dark Moon phase gives time for quiet, for not doing anything, and for settling in to the upcoming cycle, as well as resting from the previous one.  In this context, the New Moon comes as the first bit of sunlight is reflected off the moon and it comes to our senses as a small sliver of light.  The time when we start to see the new beginning.  Each phase of the cycle lasts 3-4 days, for we are including the phases in between the classical four phases of New, First Quarter, Full, and Last Quarter.  The goal here is to connect more fully and consistently, and to realize the nuances of change, of growth, and of letting go.  These meditations can be done at any time of the day or night, although it is best to do them as they will be posted on the sequenced days.

We begin with the Dark Moon of September 6, 2021 and will cycle through the full lunar month.

The meditations will be posted as follows:

Dark Moon, 9/6
Waxing Crescent, 9/9
First Quarter, 9/13
Waxing Gibbous, 9/17
Full Moon, 9/20
Waning Gibbous, 9/24
Third Quarter, 9/28
Waning Crescent, 10/2
Dark Moon, 10/6