“Well, you know what they will say…”
I know what “they” will say; they would have me keep my silence in their rhythm.

But shall I curb the growth of my own spirit to suit their needs? Shall I ignore the ebb and flow of my inner tides?

When the pull within me is strong, and the moon glares full and bright against the black sky— when my spirit cries out its song, not for a kindred soul to hear, or even for the cosmos to respond, but for my own mind and body to heed, and answer in perfect harmony—

shall I not listen to my own spirit as it sends its coyote call forth in to the night? Will the echoes of my own cries grow faint, and finally be lost, because I did not answer?

I will answer, and open my spirit further in the hearing of the answers. I will learn to dance in the waves of my own tidal flow; and add my voice and heartbeat to the cadence of the Universe.